Postcode Care


Here’s a map. It shows most of Belfast. “A” is the Royal. It is where our little baby is. “B” is the Ulster Hospital, where some faceless bureaucrat wants our little baby to go. They want her to move there  because we live in the South Eastern Trust area.

Our home is on the bottom edge of the map, a plumbline south of “A”, 4.5 miles from door to door.

For all our medical needs we look to the Royal and City. My finger got fixed up at the Royal’s A and E. My wife’s antenatal care was at the Royal. The GP sent our eldest to the City for an X-ray.

You’d think that the Royal is our local hospital. You’d be wrong. It is the Ulster, 9 miles away.

Perhaps the local Health Authorities should reconsider the catchment areas for hospitals? Perhaps they should allow patients choose where they want to be treated?


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