Confessions of a cycling motorist

As a rule of thumb: if your journey is less than 5 miles then cycle; if it is 5 to 10 miles you’ll need change facilities at work; more than 10 miles, then, as Wesley found, it is only feasible for the fit or as an occasional treat.

Northern Ireland Roads

Having experimented last week with car sharing, today I decided to experiment with commuting to work by bicycle. This is partly because, as someone who believes the motor car to be a generally good thing, that gets far too much of a bad press in Northern Ireland, I think it’s important to explore the alternatives at first hand. And it is partly because I was dared to do this by a one-man-cycling-crusade-machine on Twitter (you know who you are @stripymoggie). So I hope everyone appreciates the sacrifice I have made in the name of transport research!

Anyway, my daily commute is from east Belfast to Newtownards. At the outset, we need to establish that this is a journey OUT of the city, where cars can get up a decent speed, so it’s not really an ideal way to test a cycling commute. A commute into the city centre would…

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