Postcode Care, part 2

So we kept our heads low. When finally the RJMH seemed determined to send us up the Newtownards Road to the Ulster, we rang ahead to find out about their Special Care Baby Unit.

The Ulster Hospital nurse laughed at us. They were full to capacity. Had been for weeks, would continue to be for the next few weeks. We weren’t going anywhere.

We did go somewhere: we went home.

We always understood that the aftercare would be with the Ulster, so RJMH sent them a letter to inform them we were out. In due course we would get an appointment with the baby clinic at the Ulster.

Three weeks later we still receive our aftercare from RJMH.

It is not as if the Belfast Trust is out of pocket for our daughter’s care. All costs are borne by the South Eastern Trust. Regardless of whether that care was at the Ulster, the Royal or in, say, Amsterdam.

It all adds to the initial feeling that moving a patient because of their postcode is a bit of a nonsense.


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