Lisburn Masterplan (for car drivers only)

This is Lisburn:


Note the acres of tarmac. See the cars. Feel sorry for the cyclist trying to get to the “cycle box” and exiting this hell in one piece.

Many towns have ramparts, bulwarks and defensive earthworks to prevent enemies reaching the town centre.

Lisburn doesn’t need such medieval defences. It has a road system that defeats the weary and kills the unsuspecting.

I have tweeted about the barrier before:




But despair ye not! There is a plan: The Lisburn Masterplan or for the grown-up versions

Nelson McCausland, DSD Minister (stay with it, it is too confusing for me too) is responsible for reshaping this tangle of roads and turning Lisburn into a destination.

For people in cars, who get out and walk.

The Masterplan only mentions cycling once, in a reference to the leisure visitor who arrives by bicycle.

The cycling commuter, the children cycling to school, ignored and forgotten.

A big oversight. How sad. Another missed opportunity. Lisburn, despite its lofty futuristic ambitions, remains firmly wedded to that 20th century town-eating monster, the car.

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