Green Gas Gaffe

I was watching a report on BBC Newsline about natural gas storage under Larne Lough. Alex Attwood, the Environment Minister hailed the scheme and referred to natural gas as “green”.


So I wrote the following:

Dear Mr Attwood,

On BBC Newsline when commenting on the proposed natural gas storage site under Larne Lough you said natural gas is a green fuel.

I can assure you it is not “green”. Gas, like oil, is a finite resource; a fossil fuel.

Methane, for that is what natural gas is, is a powerful greenhouse gas, 50 times more potent than carbondioxide. When burnt in a central heating system, methane is converted to carbondioxide and water, plus a lot of heat.Carbondioxide and water vapour are greenhouse agents.

Will you please explain how natural gas can possibly be “green”?

Before you make grandiose announcements in future will you please check your facts?

Thank you.


And I got a reply:

Dear Borghert Jan Borghmans

Thank you for your e-mail of 18 October in relation to Green Fuel.

A response will issue in due course.
Kind Regards, LS | DOE Private Office

I am looking forward to it!


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