Going 30kmh across Europe


“30 km/h (20mph) – Making Streets Liveable!“

The European Citizens´ Initiative                               

News Nr 1 8th February 2013:

The French ECI partner organisations launched an exciting press conference in Paris. They got a huge media response and almost 600 people signed online within one weekend: setting a record.
Congratulations to you!

You may have noticed that we´ve been struggling through problems with the EU commission´s software, meaning a long December waiting for these to be fixed. But we are now able to collect signatures in 15 languages. You can sign online on www.30kmh.eu and also download forms and print them out.The first regional contact points for physical signatures are already running well. A great big “Thanks” to all who are providing the facilities!

It took us some time to restart after all the fuss about the online collection software working only in one single language. Some people are still contacting us complaining about technical failures and that they cannot sign. But we have now surpassed the mark of 14 000 online signatures: Never before have so many people applied for a 30 km/h (20mph) speed limit in Europe!

And the numbers are still rising: indeed, they have been coming in even faster over the last few days.

To watch them in real time see http://30kmh.eu/statistics/ 

We have a good chance of achieving our mission: collecting at least 1 million signatures by 13th November 2013. Please help us! 

30 km/h (20 mph) limits improve safety and encourage smarter travel choices. They cut pollution andtraffic noise and lead to improved traffic flow and less congestion. People can move without fear.

In a nutshell: our communities become safer, more active, more beautiful.   

Please promote our initiative. Use your media to do so: facebook, twitter, email, newsletters, magazines…. You can visit us on www.30kmh.eu and on facebook www.facebook.com/30kmh.eu

You can also donate to help us continue our initiative which is completely funded by donations.

(Sent to me by e-mail; reposted to raise awareness)


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