How To…

Buy A Cargobike (if you live in Ireland)?


In the space of 2 days 2 people have asked how they can get a Cargobike just like ours. I blame the unseasonal sunny weather.

Obviously, you visit the website. A little bit of clicking brings you to the Irish dealer, Bear Bicycles at Greenaer in Dublin. Olivier Vander Elst runs the shop and is extremely helpful.

You pick your preferred accesories, pay your money and a Cargobike is yours.

Whoa there. I want to try one out.

You can. At Greenaer you can try one for the day, pootle around Dublin, visit the refurbished National Gallery, or the Zoo and whizz around Phoenix Park.

Or do as we did. Go to Amsterdam, see the refurbished Rijksmuseum (and cycle through it), whizz around the Vondelpark. We didn’t visit the Zoo, instead going out of town by train and bus to the Efteling.

(Amsterdam is a wonderful family-friendly destination. And if you care about cycling at all you’ll be tempted to forego the return flight to Ireland.)

We hired a Cargobike from Workcycles, here. You can also try Het Zwarte Fietsenplan, also on Lijnbaansgracht.

We stayed with Diederik and Ian in their wonderful B&B at Noorderstraat 29.

That’s good. I’ve tried, I’ve bought. How do I get the bike from Dublin to Belfast?

We hired a motorbike trailer in Mallusk.

Don’t even think of trying to get it home on the train. The guard will have a complete canary if you turn up on the platform with a Cargobike.

And what do our children make of it? Is it comfortable? Of course:


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