Cyclesaurus Again

BBC Northern Ireland on Monday, 25 May 2015, showed “Something to Ride Home About”, featuring the best of cycling in Northern Ireland and Michael Smiley.


The photo above shows a cyclist approaching Belfast’s award winning Cyclesaurus. The cycle path is a two-way provision running alongside one ways Alfred St and Upper Arthur St. The latter section is colloquially known as the bin lane.


The cyclist continues on the green path across the junction. And this leaves him on the wrong side of the street. Where they ran out of paint.


This is the new and improved Cyclesaurus.

The correct way to use this marvellous piece of official street graffiti is of course to keep to the left of the lane. Stop and yield to all traffic approaching the junction. Then cross the junction diagonally. DRD have kindly provided a miniature cycle lane as an aide memoire to cyclists.

Someone in DRD must be really proud that it was featured on TV.


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