Transport Minister McIlveen visits Gelderland

Translated from this report by Omroep Gelderland

Beuningen – Beuningen will get an eminent visitor on Thursday. The Transport Minister for Northern Ireland, Michelle McIlveen wants to know how the cycle superhighways were developed across the [Arnhem-Nijmegen] region.


Transport Minister McIlveen in Beuningen, image from Omroep Gelderland

The Minister will have it explained to her how the cycleways can support safer routes to school. Minister McIlveen has chosen Beuningen consciously, because Beuningen with its 20,000 residents resembles the area where she hails from.

McIlveen is especially interested in the routes that childen use to cycle to and from school every day. She will therefore with deputy mayor Piet de Klein visit primary school De Hoeven which is close to the cycle superhighway Beuningen – Nijmegen.

I am happy for her visit to see how safe the link is. The cycle routes have priority in traffic situations, there are few junctions, and the paths are wide. The Northern Irish minister became interested through an earlier presentation by the province [of Gelderland] in Ireland, says Piet de Klein.

Learning from Beuningen

Northern Ireland is interested in the regional cycle policy in the Netherlands. The Minister wants to learn how the regional routes were built and how the safety of the cycleways is ensured.

In this way in Northern Ireland it will be decided what the best way is to build cycle routes. The Minister will also be a guest of the Province Gelderland in Arnhem and Nijmegen.

Audio report in Dutch:

(Thanks to Sjors van Duren for alerting me to the article.)

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