Donegall Road, Belfast

On Belfast’s Donegall Road, at the Roden Street junction a temporary barrier has been installed. It appears to allow cyclists using the advisory cycle lanes to bypass the Roden Street lights.

The bypass is narrow and probably unsuitable for wide tricycles. Also, it doesn’t allow for right turns into Roden Street.


Barrier at Roden Street junction

Roden Street is an important shortcut for cyclists and pedestrians, especially for staff and clients of the Belfast HSC Trust travelling between the City and Royal Hospitals sites.

Update 26/02/2016

DRD say:

“I can advise that this is a temporary vehicle restraint system, which was provided to ensure the safety of road users, workers and rail passengers during construction work on the bridge parapets. It is not intended to function as a bypass or to segregate cyclists from other traffic and all traffic should keep to the outside of the barrier, away from the works area.

As the parapet reconstruction work is nearing substantial completion, the barrier is due to be removed during the next week.”


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