Blocked by HGV

Seamus doesn’t like me. Probably, because of my tweeting things like this:


The FTA in NI are proud of their initiative to send HGV drivers into Belfast on their bicycles. It is a good initiative, facilitated by Sustrans.

No surprise then that River Ridge Recycling won a prestigious road safety award in September ’16. Well done!

You might consider working for such a fine company:

But there’s a problem. Look at the photos. River Ridge Recycling operate mainly in urban areas, with vehicles fitted with standard cabs and lacking guard rails.


No guard rails

So I asked Seamus how it came about that a company that operates a fleet of vehicles unsuited to an urban environment could win a road safety prize. Where are the cabs that allow a driver to see pedestrians and cyclists directly? Why does it not operate vehicles like these:

Belfast City Council bin lorry

The FTA in NI have long argued that road deaths, drivers and vehicles breaching regulations are down to a few rogue operators; that the majority operate within the law.
This is what RSA Ireland found:

Quite apart from the aforementioned 56% of HGV drivers who drive whilst using mobiles.

The industry and its representatives have a choice. Either, address road safety issues by, for a start, removing unsafe vehicles from our streets, arguing for stricter fines and punishments for operators who break the laws and adopting safer lorry designs.

Or block people on Twitter.


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